1. Out of the Blue

Timeline: Post BTVS s. 2, MWPP-era – Hogwarts 7th year.
Summary: After taking refuge in LA, Buffy had hoped to find some of that peace the Hellmouth couldn’t provide. She should have known she was hoping for the impossible. When she gets propelled into another dimension, her life changes forever – but is it for the better, or for worse?

2. A Red Sun Rises

Timeline: MWPP-era – the first rise of the Dark Lord
Summary: After Graduation, Buffy’s life takes yet another turn, faced with a war against Voldemort along with her friends. Not everyone will make it out alive…and not everyone may be loyal to the light. But who is a friend and who is an enemy? Who can you trust in a time of darkness?

This story is kind of an interlude, which doesn’t affect the main storyline. You can skip it if you want and go directly to Come What May instead.

3. Never the Same

Timeline: BTVS s. 7. Minor spoilers for ATS s. 4-5.
Summary: Starting over is easier said than done. Buffy and Remus are doing their best to move on, to get used to the changes and the new turn their life has taken, but it’s not easy…especially not while living on a Hellmouth.

4. Come What May

Timeline: POA, GOF, pre OOTP.
Summary: Buffy and Remus return to the Wizarding World to protect Harry Potter from Sirius Black. Black has somehow managed to escape prison and is now out for revenge, while Buffy and Remus want some revenge of their own. Once, they knew Sirius as a friend – now, all they know him as is a murderer and a traitor.

5. Into the Blue

Timeline: OOTP, 6th-7th year. Minor HBP and DH spoilers.
Summary: Voldemort may be back, but how can you fight a war when everyone deny there is a war to fight? Amidst it all, Remus, Buffy and Sirius face problems of their own. United they’ll stand, divided they’ll fall – will the light side conquer or crumble?

Main characters – Fancast


Buffy Summers
Sarah Michelle Gellar


Remus Lupin
Ewan McGregor


Harry Potter
Daniel Radcliffe


Sirius Black
Johnny Depp


James Potter
Hugh Dancy


Lily Evans
Isla Fisher


Dakota Fanning


Elle Fanning


Alyssa Jones
Rachel Nichols


Eliza de Mort
Kate Beckinsale