A year since I mentioned it the first time, I’m still revising Road of Innocence. It has gone much slower than expected, mostly because I am adding/changing a lot more than I expected. It is going well though, and I really think the story will be much improved by them. Better flow, characterisation and developed relationships – read more about the specifics below. Also, once again, I’ve changed up the imagined cast a bit so some art will have changed by the time I upload it onto this site, and all the episode art will be switched out as well.

Edit progress
Chapter 8-12: The relationships between Buffy and Remus, Lily and James, Sirius and Mandy continues to be more of a slowburn than they used to be, and now, you can actually read about them slowly realising and acknowledging their feelings through the course of the story rather than have it abruptly happen after only a short scene. There is a more even spread of “screentime” between the main characters (though Peter still has the shorter end of the stick, and there is only one Mandy POV so far, but she features greatly in Sirius’ POVs). I’ve added scenes that show the Marauders’ friendship with each other. Sirius is less immature than in the first go-around and you’ll see pieces of Peter’s manipulative/selfish side come into play earlier. I’ve added more thoughts/discussions about the Muggle-born versus pureblood climate and wizarding holidays: the Halloween chapter has been expanded to include a ceremony for Samhain to give more of an insight into actual wizarding culture. I’ve also tried to focus more on Buffy as a person and her recovery from the trauma inflicted on her by having to kill Angel and the dilemma of having left her old world behind, and her finally moving on will happen as a result of a couple of experiences and not just a sudden awakening/realisation.