A Harry Potter/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover in seven parts.

Roads Travelled (RT) is a complete rewrite/reboot of the Out of the Blue Series (OOTB). Aside from the premise, with Buffy ending up in the Marauder's final year at Hogwarts, very little remains the same: You can read both series and not recognise much aside from some minor scenes and character names.

Where OOTB was/is mostly fluff and light interspersed with occasional dark periods, RT has more drama and even angst throughout. There are still plenty of lighthearted and humorous moments, but tonally and pacing-wise, RT is better written and more balanced with more realistic character- and plot development. So if you're trying to decide between them, I recommend Roads Travelled.

Status: WIP. Part 4/7 (Road of Loyalty) is currently being published.
Timeline: Canon divergence, alternate universe. Spoilers for BTVS s. 2 and 7, the MWPP-era, and all seven Harry Potter books.
Summary: Always a victim to the whims of Fate, Buffy finds herself trapped in another dimension. With no apparent way back, Buffy must try to forge ahead in a world where magic is the norm and a Dark Lord is wrecking havoc. And while new friends are found there are enemies not far behind.
Main characters: Buffy Summers, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, James Potter, Lily Evans, Harry Potter, OFCs.
Pairings: Buffy/Remus, James/Lily, Sirius/OC, Peter/OC, hints of others.

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The First War: 1977-1981

1. Road of Innocence

Publish date: 1 January 2009-9 February 2010. Edited repost ongoing (on Ao3 only) from winter 2017.
Rating: PG-R. Hints of violence, language, sexual situations.
Timeline: Canon divergence from BTVS 3x1: Anne, MWPP-era (The Marauders' 7th year).
Summary: She's a warrior. The Slayer. But underneath it all, she's a girl. Can Buffy, lost in another dimension, manage to leave her past behind her and for the first time, allow herself to

2. Road of Carnage

Publish date: 10 March 2010-20 April 2011.
Rating: PG-13-R. Violence, suggestive to crude language, mild sexual situations, character deaths.
Timeline: MWPP-era – post graduation, the first war.
Summary: After graduation come new responsibilities. Outside the safe walls of Hogwarts, Buffy and her friends find themselves embroiled in a war against Voldemort. No one is safe, not everyone will turn out to be loyal and there will be losses on both sides. Can love and friendship prevail against the darkness?

3. Road of Sacrifice

Publish date: 30 June 2011-31 December 2012
Rating: R. Violence, suggestive to crude language, character deaths.
Timeline: MWPP-era – 1.5 years post graduation, the first war.
Summary: As the war against Voldemort continues, Buffy struggles with what it means to be the Slayer, but can answers be found anywhere but in Sunnydale? In the meantime, her friends have to do their best to find light in the darkness. Can a prophecy change the tide or will its existence result in more tragedy?

The Second War: 1993-1998

4. Road of Loyalty

Publish date: 2 March 2013-Present day.
Rating: PG-13. Mild violence, language, character deaths.
Timeline: Canon divergence – Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire
Summary: Over a decade has gone by since the war, but Buffy and Remus might be on the edge of another - against the same enemy. Harry is in danger, not only from Voldemort but also from Sirius Black. But unknown to everyone else, Sirius is not really after Harry - but in his hunt for Peter Pettigrew, will his Godson end up in the crossfire? Connections are forged, questions are answered and friendship and family can be found were you least expect it.

5. Road of Endurance

Publish date: N/A.
Rating: N/A.
Timeline: Canon divergence – Order of the Phoenix
Summary: N/A.

6. Road of Recovery

Publish date: N/A.
Canon divergence – Sixth year.

7. Road of Destiny

Publish date: N/A.
Rating: N/A.
Timeline: Canon divergence - Seventh year.
Summary: N/A.