A Harry Potter/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover in seven parts.

The First War: 1977-1981

1. Road of Innocence

Publish date: 1 January 2009-9 February 2010. Edited repost ongoing (on Ao3 only) from winter 2017.
Rating: PG-R. Hints of violence, language, sexual situations.
Timeline: Canon divergence from BTVS 3x1: Anne, MWPP-era (The Marauders' 7th year).
Summary: She's a warrior. The Slayer. But underneath it all, she's a girl. Can Buffy, lost in another dimension, manage to leave her past behind her and for the first time, allow herself to

2. Road of Carnage

Publish date: 10 March 2010-20 April 2011.
Rating: PG-13-R. Violence, suggestive to crude language, mild sexual situations, character deaths.
Timeline: MWPP-era – post graduation, the first war.
Summary: After graduation come new responsibilities. Outside the safe walls of Hogwarts, Buffy and her friends find themselves embroiled in a war against Voldemort. No one is safe, not everyone will turn out to be loyal and there will be losses on both sides. Can love and friendship prevail against the darkness?

3. Road of Sacrifice

Publish date: 30 June 2011-31 December 2012
Rating: R. Violence, suggestive to crude language, character deaths.
Timeline: MWPP-era – 1.5 years post graduation, the first war.
Summary: As the war against Voldemort continues, Buffy struggles with what it means to be the Slayer, but can answers be found anywhere but in Sunnydale? In the meantime, her friends have to do their best to find light in the darkness. Can a prophecy change the tide or will its existence result in more tragedy?