Welcome to ladyvisionary.com! It’s been awhile since I had an active website: I let visionary-web.net expire long ago, and while I had grand plans at the time to immediately replace it with ladyvisionary.com, real life got in the way. But now it’s finally here, with a brand new layout, powered by WordPress. That will hopefully save me some time when I update since I won’t have to code from scratch anymore.

For those of you familiar with visionary-web, you know I had it split into three different websites: one for art, one for fanfiction and one that was only for my fanfiction-series Roads Travelled. Now, all those sites have been combined under the banner ofladyvisionary.com, brought to you by yours truly.

There are some new/updated material, and I’ve discarded a lot as well: some of the art I wasn’t pleased with have not been posted, and I’ve updated the few wallpapers I had in the 1024×768 size to 1200×800. However, from now on, any new wallpapers I make will be at least 1366×768 as that’s the most common resolution these days. And remember that there is more art to be found in the fanfiction-section, specifically created for those stories.

Please have a look around, and leave a comment if you like the new site!