Concurrently with updates for the final story in Out of the Blue and updates for Road of Loyalty, I have begun to edit Road of Innocence. Mostly, I am changing some details (not all) in the story to match JK Rowling’s canon, at the same time as I’m fixing characterisation and development to get a better overall flow. Nothing of this will be published until the process is completely done, at which point I will replace all the affected chapters with the new ones. You will not have to reread any of the series: the overall arch/plot/characters will remain.

Edit progress
Overall adjustments: I’m changing the POV for all chapters, from a blend of third person omniscient/limited to purely third person limited. This means you will eventually get a single point of view from one character in each section/between each line breaks. Hopefully, this will make the story flow better and give you a deeper insight into the thoughts of all characters.

Chapter 1-7: Improved characterisation for all main characters that have entered thus far. Also improved characterisation/screentime for secondary characters, such as Michaela Duncan and the MacDonald twins. Sirius gets more screentime as well, as I’ve felt he’s been left a little by the wayside in the unedited version. I’ve expanded/added scenes with friendship between certain characters, such as Remus and Sirius, James and Sirius, and Mandy and Buffy, as I felt that was missing. Adjusted description to Buffy’s identity as the Slayer and what it means in the wizarding world (laws in regards to Dark Creatures come into play). Buffy’s magical learning progress and how other sees it has been made more realistic. I’ve developed the Buffy/Remus and Sirius/Mandy relationship, and the James/Lily relationship has also been improved upon/adjusted, both in regards to both their backstories and how James sees Lily and vice versa. There are also more mentions of the political climate.